Every one with the mindset of being successful takes up certain calculated steps in order to achieve them. To achieve anything in life, you have to know exactly what you want and what roles you need to perform. The life of a farmer is not typically a glamorous one. Farmers usually wake up early to start work and during planting and harvesting season work until its dark. Modern technology agricultural machinery has made the work far less physically demanding than it was a few years ago. Given unpredictable weather and rapid changing commodity prices, modern farming is also complex and therefore has led to the use of computers and software for research, budgeting and tracking of harvests and inventor. However  ,there are other roles they perform to meet their goals as successful business farmers. Achieving your agriculture goals of being successful requires considering a number of steps.


This is the first step in climbing the ladder of goal achievement.  As a farmer, you do not only have to consider the crops you grow but must consider the availability of labor for harvest , fertilizer and irrigation cost , projected prices output and transportation costs. Running a farm is a running business and careful planning is the key to success.

Farm practices

As a business person , there is the need to ensure your investments are protected from risks.  This applies to the business –minded farmer who fertilizes his soil , controlling pest and weeds , irrigation , mulching and others . Constantly doing these , your investment in the farming business yields more returns while minimizing risks.


For a business to grow, there is the need to pump in money. Almost everything done in the form of making profit or gaining some handsome returns requires some sort of cash. As a farmer , it is obvious you would pay your laborers , buy farm tools, machines and other materials . Once faced with financial problems, your business may be at the verge of collapsing and that is why there is the need for you to have a solid and reliable source of fund.

With Greenroot Ltd, you are on your way of not only purchasing affordable lands for your farm   but achieving your agricultural goals that in the long run creates wealth for you. Our lands at Aburi Amanfro is just what you need . We are here to help you plan your agribusiness and provide you with the necessary materials and funds . To most people agriculture is just a dirty work but to a real farmer , it is wealth .


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