Agriculture may seem an area of life that is far from technology in a fast-paced world. When we think of life on the farm, we see it as calm and measured with days spent outdoors. While the country is stepping towards development, the rising health problems due to constant use of pesticides has become a cause of concern.  Modern agriculture is science and technology which aims at high productivity even at the expense of our health.

Since the word organic agriculture / farming is indeed making news every now and then, you must be wondering what exactly it is? Organic farming is the kind of farming in which the farmer profusely uses natural substance such as cow dung instead of chemicals and pesticides. The organically grown food crops are healthier to consume since they are devoid of any chemicals. The pure organic farming methods are where the crops are grown with the help of organic fertilizers, pesticide, insecticides and decomposed matters such as leaves.

Pollution control and consuming organic farm produce are perhaps the greatest contribution of organic agriculture to mankind. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides do not only pollute the soil but also poses hazards to ground water and the air. Organic agriculture helps lessen the green house effect through the fact that it promotes the retention of carbon in the soil. Good knowledge of organic agricultural practices is required to give opportunities to Africa to capitalize on it’s sustainable practices and to boost income, exports, foreign exchange and reduce rural – urban migration.

Most people wish farm produce was all natural, healthier and free from chemicals.  On the other hand, farmers would want to retain the fertility of the soil and reduce cost of producing farm crops. This is achievable if our farmers are  encouraged to adapt traditional methods of organically farming.

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