The purchase of a farm land is arguably a better alternative of investing hard earned money rather than depositing it in a bank. Engaging in the commercial production of certain crops is a sound business venture. After this decision is established, site selection is the inadvertent first step in starting a farm after deciding what to grow .  Some factors to consider in site selection which make the farm suitable to a wide choice of crops and investment opportunities are discussed today.

It is difficult to find a specific farm that possesses all the requisites of the crop in which case it is necessary to make modifications such as correcting soil pH by liming, applying soil amendments, and providing irrigation water. The soil requirement of a particular crop includes such specific characteristics as soil type, depth, drainage, texture, organic matter content, pH, and fertility with respect to the macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient content of the soil.

Temperature, water or rainfall ,relative humidity, and wind are climatic factors that  must be considered as these influence the growth and yield of crops .

Cost of acquisition of  the land  is a matter that is essential in this project. Also, the cost of modifying the physical features of the land such as  diversion of flood way and in preparing the land for crop growing including the eradication of major weeds and disease-causing organisms, soil amendment, and provision of irrigation water should be cheap . Skilled labor must also be available at reasonable cost.

A farm that is managed as a business must have access to supplies, equipment, and the market. It must be provided with infrastructures and good roads. Moreover, there is a general preference for farms in familiar locations and which are easily accessible to owner-manage

It is very important to ensure that farm land has legal documents .  Land should be free from all sort of litigation and land – guard problems.

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