One of the greatest challenges facing the agricultural sector is how to increase the number and variety of sustainable economic agricultural enterprises. Due to a number of varying factors, small scale farmers have often found it difficult or nearly impossible to overcome challenges they are faced such exploitation by market traders due to poor bargaining power ,inability to access credit facilities from banks, lack of farm machinery to facilitate production and others.   It has become imperative for farmers to associate or join a cooperative society with a view at solving these problems.

An agricultural cooperative society is a formal form of farmer collective action for the marketing and processing of farm products and or for the purchase and production of farm inputs. They aim to increase member’s production and incomes by helping them with finance, agricultural inputs, information, and output markets.  Specialization may be in production, service provision,  marketing or offer all, or some combination of support within the various stages.

As a member of a cooperative society, your trade profits will go directly to the farming communities rather than to a few intermediaries . Also your bargaining power  will increase and you can get good market as well as good price for your products. Moreover because of low market margin, consumers will get the products at lower price and hence efficient mobilization of product will be done.

Collective action is the core resource of agricultural cooperatives. Cooperatives create social relations that enable individuals to achieve goals that they may not otherwise be able to achieve by themselves. For example, cooperatives can help farmers benefit from economies of scale to lower their costs of acquiring inputs or hiring services such as storage and transport. Agricultural cooperatives also enable farmers to improve product and service quality and reduce risks. They may also empower their members economically and socially by involving them in decision-making processes that create additional rural employment opportunities, or enable them to become more resilient to economic and environmental shocks.

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