In today’s market you must have at least a minimal online presence. For farmers, I would say the bare-minimum is to have a website and to have a Facebook page. Having an internet presence really gives a good return on investment. Having a farm website is definitely one of those avenues. The amount of information on the internet, and the amount of options you have to connect with your customers can be very overwhelming. It would be great to be able to check and update many social networks and keep an extensive blog from your office . That being said, some investment of time and mental energy goes a long way toward benefiting your agricultural business.
The benefits of a website can be indirect, which makes them difficult to quantify. Accessing and collecting data on advertising and marketing is nearly impossible, especially at the scale of most farm websites. Instead, consider these benefits and goals you can achieve:
Email lists
Gathering a strong email list should be a big goal for your website. If you can regularly send updates on your crops, farm, and public appearances, you will draw that many more customers to your products. Nobody can visit your farmland if they don’t know where it will be and when.
Social proof
You can tell people how great your produce is, but eventually, you will need to show them. Websites help to convey transparency, provide a place to spotlight customers and products, and for customers to advocate for your farm. All of these functions draw more customers to your produce.
Sales from digital traffic
Much of the traffic to your site will be organic – that is, it will come from searches that people make through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In this case, they’re probably looking specifically for you or something you offer. Online presence is the only way that you can take advantage of this type of traffic. Some of those web viewers will become customers.
Basic contact information
If you want people to sign up and ask questions that will lead to a sale, be able to tour the farm, subscribe to your email list, etc., then you will need to have contact information out there. While contact forms can be tough to maintain, a simple solution is to include an email address or phone number to contact your farm.
The most obvious benefit is the most simple. A web presence is likely the first resource potential customers will turn to. A website is a great way to handle your part of the letting people know what the story of your farm is, what you have to sell, and where they can go to get it. It gives you the opportunity to add value to your products, making consumers more likely to buy. It gives you a way to update all 300 of your customers at once without printing 300 fliers which is expensive.
There are a number of ways to start your farm website. Contact Greenroot ltd to help you create a profitable website for your agribusines . We also have lands suitable for farming and real estate . We provide you with capital brokerage and farming services that will make you a successful farm owner.

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