Mushroom farming has become the new income earning opportunity in the agricultural sector with most farmers rushing to get a piece of the pie. Fortunately there exist companies and organizations ready to take potential farmers through the procedures for mushroom farming .Those who want to venture into this business need to beware of the mushroom production process since it is not easy but the proceeds are worth the pain.
The mushroom growing industry in Ghana has recently been revived as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of consuming mushroom. The once forgotten farming business is slowly picking the interest of a few adults and youths that were once unemployed. With increased demand, the promising venture opens up income earning opportunities for these farmers. Mushroom is an excellent protein substitute for the Ghanaians that cannot afford protein sources such as fish, meat and other high end protein foods. Mushroom is an affordable option for most people.
The profits earned from mushroom is guaranteed because the sale for this product is consistent as the market demand increases daily. If you are into mushroom farming for profit then you are on the right track. Farmers that took the risk and started mushroom farming projects have had their lives turn around. In fact, there is a higher chance of farmers earning more money and making better profits if they can venture into large scale production. This would also translate to high employment opportunities.
Most of the farmers practicing mushroom farming in Ghana do it on a small scale because of the numerous challenges they face. Most of them are unaware of where to get live spawn thus experience regular production failure which does not motivate them to expand. In addition to this, the farmers have no information on credit and finance services hence cannot access the much needed capital to expand their production.
Mushroom farming is not an expensive venture to start . All you need is a little capital to buy the spawn and you are good to go. Most of the other substances such as substrate can be recycled as they are byproducts around the house. With a smart mind, you can turn your home waste into an income earner.
Greenroot ltd is here to assist you grab this income earning opportunity . Our affordable lands at Aburi Amanfo , Asutware and Kwaomoso are suitable for mushroom farming and real estates. We also offer consultancy to help you expand your agribusiness. Agriculture is wealth.


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