Snail farming in Ghana is said to be one of the most lucrative agricultural business you can start with little capital. But still, it is one of the most ignored animal rearing business in this country Ghana and other African Countries. Snail farming provides one of the profitable opportunities to make money within a short period of time. But why are Ghanaians and Africans not yet fully engaged in this money making snail rearing business? The reason is negligence.
Snail farming in Ghana requires low capital and the working capital may be very little, compare to other animal rearing business. Therefore, snail farming business in Ghana is a type or kind of agricultural venture that if one invests in it carefully, he/she would make a lot of profits.
You should know that the demand for snail is very high in Ghana as such the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, domestically and internationally. Snail farming which is also known as “heliculture” is not highly considered here in Ghana and put into consideration as how it is been done in other countries.
Benefits of snail farming in Ghana
1. It is very easy to run.
2. It is very lucrative and profitable.
3. It is environmental friendly.
4. They are highly productive.
5. Snails are low in fat and cholesterol.
6. Snails are highly medicinal and used for health related products.
7. It has traditional healing benefits.
8. A good export opportunity.
9. They contain iron, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and have very low fat.
Species of snails reared in Ghana
There are three main types of snails used in snail rearing in Ghana and other countries.
The most suitable snail species for rearing are the Achatina Fulica, Achatina Achatina and the Archachatina Marginata but the Achatina Achatina is the most recommended for snail farming because of its high reproductive capacities. It can lay up to 500 eggs at once and lays eggs three times a year. The Achatina Achatina is also easy to find.
1. Secure an environment suitable for snail rearing. The best environment to situate your snail farm is a low plain, downhill site. The farm should not be exposed to excessive wind because too much wind would dry out and dehydrate your snails. It is best to have trees like banana or plantain planted around your snail farm.
2. Consider the type of soil for snail farming. The most preferable soil for snail is sandy-loamy soil with little water holding capacity. Clayey soil and acidic soil should be avoided.
3. Get your snails for farming. You would need some snails to start up your snail farm and you must ensure that they are fertile and in perfect condition. The best place to source for your initial stock is in the bushes. Snails gotten directly from their natural habitat are in the best condition because they have not been exposed to too much sunlight which would dehydrate them and make them less fertile.
4. Purchase your snail food and feeding or you can look for foods around your environment. Snails are very versatile feeders. They can feed on anything from leaves to fruits. Snails can feed on cocoyam leaves, cassava and okra leaves, cabbage, lettuce, pawpaw as well as eggplant leaves. Snails can also feed on fruits like mangoes, banana, pawpaw, tomatoes and pears.
6. Harvest your snail when they are matured. When harvesting your snails, it is important to handle them carefully. You can harvest them into clean plastic containers, baskets, bowls, or in a box to be carried to the point of sale. Do not overload the containers. 10 kg in each container is just okay so that the snails don’t get hurt or stressed.
7. Market your snails to market women, shops, restaurants, hotels or interested buyers.
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    *Gomoa Fetteh – Behind Pentecost convention centre*
    8 acres – 60,000ghc per acre

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    Linda Sakyi · 16th January 2021 at 10:34 pm

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GREENLAND SNAIL FARMS. Healthy Meat For Generations · 20th January 2021 at 4:32 pm

I love your article on snail farm. I have already started one at my backyard. I went for 8 AA snails one from the bush and 7 from the market (though not advisable) to try them. I only needed the eggs to start. So I incubated the eggs whenever they laid. I now have 400 growing snails for my start. Yes it is very lucrative to start with low capital. But here is my point of advise to interested persons, You need to love these vegetarians, have time for time, they need regular visit and care and have the spirit of patience because success is never achieved on a silver platter. IT IS NOT A QUICK WAY TO FETCH MONEY right! But patience conquers. Just to your normal business whilst farming your snails gradually, gradually, the beginning may seem foolish and a waste of time. But I tell you, good opportunities are always packed in ugly packages. Imagine my 400 snails laying 300 eggs each trice a year when they reach sexual maturity, calculate how many snails you are going to keep. PATIENCE CONQUERS!

    Albert Kwesi Yankey · 28th October 2021 at 4:32 pm

    I didn’t want in for the snail but God has Bless me with different types of emails at my back yard

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