Poultry farming industry is one of the fastest growing agricultural segments today. The production of egg and meat are increasing at a rate of 8 to 10% annually. The industry has undergone a paradigm shift in structure and operation. It has transformed from a mere backyard activity into a major commercial and sustainable activity in just about few decades.
Growth in per capita income, a growing urban population, health consciousness about red meat are the major contributing factors in the expansion of the poultry farming industry. A growing rural market and awareness of new technologies and specialized methodologies and techniques in hatching and bird rearing have also boosted market growth and reduced wastage.
Poultry rearing technology, chicken meat processing, medicines, feed additives, health products, equipment, management and other technical services are the lucrative field of the investment opportunity. Let us discuss further ;

• Broiler Poultry Farming For Meat
Commercial broiler farming is the most successful business in Africa and other parts of the world. This business can be initiated as small medium and large scale basis according to the investment capacity.
• Chicken Hatchery
In the modern nomenclature of the poultry farming industry, the term hatchery covers the sector which is engaged in production and supply of one-day-old chicks by artificial incubation. Day old chicks are produced keeping in view the customer’s requirements.

• Duck Farming
Duck farming or duckery is a profitable business for small business entrepreneurs. Additionally, duck farming is possible without water for some of the specific breeds. Duck rearing does not require elaborate housing like poultry. Ducks are hardier well suited for a weaker section where the level of management is moderately scientific. Khaki Campbell is the best egg producing breed in ducks.
• Duck Farming With Integrated Fish Farming
The major benefit of this type of farming is water surface of the pond can be used for duck raising. Fish ponds provide an excellent environment to ducks which prevent them from infection of parasites. The daily waste of duck feed (about 20 – 30 gm/duck) serves as fish feed in ponds or as manure, resulting in higher fish yield. Manuring is conducted by ducks and homogeneously distributed without any helping of duck droppings.
• Egg Processing
Egg processing opportunity includes egg grading, processing, pasteurization, spray drying and eggshell processing. A fully export-oriented plant setup definitely cash intensive business.
• Frozen Chicken Meat Processing
The demand for frozen chicken meat is increasing rapidly. The product is very popular in retail outlets. Some of the very popular frozen and chilled forms are whole chicken (with or without giblets), boneless breast, boneless legs, drumstick with skin, drumstick skinless, a whole leg with skin, whole leg skinless, wings, lollipop.
• Layer Poultry Farming For Eggs
Layer poultry farming means raising egg-laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production. For poultry farming schemes with very large outlays, detailed project reports will have to be prepared.
• Ostrich Farming
Ostrich meat is the healthiest alternative to our traditional meat. It has lower fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, chicken, and pork. Ostriches allow the farmer to make higher and quicker returns on investment. Ostrich eggs, meat, hide (leather) and feather is very highly priced and command high prices on the local and international markets. Additionally, you can operate ostrich farming in paddock along with sheep, goat, and cattle.
• Pigeon Farming
Pigeon is a domestic bird and the business is profitable to start with small capital investment. Basically, pigeon meat is too much tasty and full of protein. A pigeon farm needs an open place for their moving. Pigeon house requires a very little space; normally for a couple, a room with 12 x 12 x 10-inch dimension is quite enough.
• Poultry Farming Equipment Shop
This is one of the most profitable trading opportunities in poultry farming industry. You can start the business by two ways. You can source the material from manufacturers and sell from your own shop. Otherwise, you can start with a distributor or dealership agreement of a reputed company. Some of the most popular equipment are poultry cage, layer cage, breeder cage, poultry ventilation system, poultry environment control system, poultry cooling fan pad, poultry heaters, nipple drinking system, poultry controller systems and so on.
• Poultry Feed Manufacturing
Good quality poultry feed is always in high demand. The success of livestock farming is largely dependent on the continuous supply of good quality nutritious feeds at the competitive price. The business is very profitable according to the gross profit generation.

• Quails Farming
Commercial quails farming is all about raising quails commercially (like other poultry birds) for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production. Quails are very small sized birds. Almost all types of weather conditions are suitable for starting quail farming business. Meat and eggs of quail are very tasty and nutritious.
• Turkey Farming
The turkey farming is suitable for small and medium farming business activity. It is a highly profitable business. Turkey birds are reared for only meat purpose and not suitable for commercial egg production. Commercial turkey farming is slowly getting popularity as an alternative to chicken farming.
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