Agriculture and farming date beyond centuries. From evidences of early men to modern methods of cultivation, there is a sea change witnessed in the agricultural sector. This change is in the type, variety of crop, seed selection, spaces, human requirements and many other causes.
Agriculture provides lucrative business opportunities in things like groundnut, pulses, sugarcane, tea, jute, cotton and wheat. Also agricultural exports constitute one-fifth of total exports thus making it the most important money making and promising arena.
Now, despite being one of the largest employers its contribution to GDP is not up to its capacity. Currently, there is an agricultural revolution in terms of new and innovative business ideas and opportunities.
With educated youth going back to the roots in the form of agro based products, agri-companies and startups, it has increased its prospects in all forms.
Productive sectors like fertilizer, seeds, equipment and pesticides are farming allied and are money making ventures.
We will now see few profitable business ideas in Agriculture that are low cost and high yielding.

• Coconut oil Production: Coconut oil has multiple uses, is widely used and has lateral uses in a variety of products. Extraction of oil and dried kernel that is copra makes for a profitable venture. It is highly profitable and lucrative in south India where coconut plantations are mostly present. Coconut oil is used in soaps, hair oils, cosmetics etc.

• Spice Production: Spices are some of the most expensive agricultural products and have been instrumental for wars even. They have been used in various forms and are highly demanded by exporters. Shelf life of most spices are high and there is minimal processing needed to preserve it.

• Organic fertilizer Production: Vermicompost has gained importance in the wake of the organic setting that has caught the vivid imagination of people. It requires very low investments and equipment to carry on business. Decomposable organic wastes including excreta, wastes, farm residues and kitchen waste make the quality of vermicompost better.

• Goat Farming: It is useful and lucrative for various reasons. It is a major source for meat and are quick prolifers and this helps in making quick profits. They do require investment in the form of land/space. This is very profitable farming business one can start today.
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hairpin · 28 November 2019 at 22:08

Ꮤhat a information of un-ambiguitʏ and preѕerveness of valuable expеrience concerning unpredicted

    Linda Sakyi · 11 August 2020 at 20:12

    Thanks alot

Anabilla · 26 April 2022 at 16:25

Thanks a lot for the in-depth education.
My question is goats/sheep, snails and poultr rearing , which of these would you suggest to a begginer and a public servant to start with?
What is the minimum amount does one need to start with each of these respectively?

    KorsellCC · 27 April 2022 at 14:08

    I will recommend snail farming
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