Apiculture or the practice of beekeeping has been around from the onset of human existence. Most people are drawn into beekeeping for various reasons – for the sweet honey or other honeybee product, to assist in pollination, as a hobby, for commercial purposes, and many other reasons. Irrespective of your reason of engaging in beekeeping, you mostly have your questions and concerns. The beginner and the professional alike both need some tips and nuggets that will help him or her become a better beekeeper. With that said, here are some beekeeping tips that, if followed and applied diligently, will make you a successful beekeeper.

• Getting Started in Beekeeping

Beekeeping requires some knowledge, time, commitment, and practice. If any of this is lacking then forget about beekeeping. Bees are independent creatures by nature but that does not mean they should be neglected. You have to garner some knowledge on bee management and devote your time to the bees for them to stay in a healthy and comfortable environment. Some of the equipment required for beekeeping includes: a hive, smoker, feeders, bee suit, and gloves.
• Join Local Beekeeping Associations

Beekeeping associations are available in almost all states globally. They provide a common ground where professionals and beginners alike come together to share their beekeeping knowledge. If you are serious about beekeeping then you should join one. Others refer themselves as a beekeeping club. They organize regular meetings where the benefits, challenges, and experiences of beekeeping are discussed intensively. You will also get some beekeeping resources in these organizations such as books, loans, videos, and magazines. There are also some organizations that provide some short courses in beekeeping. You will get accurate and up-to-date information on beekeeping when you enroll for these courses.
• Get the Right Beekeeping Clothing

You need protective clothing during hive inspection, feeding, hive relocation and honey harvesting. Bees react favorably to protective clothing that is smooth and light in color. Avoid dark and wooly clothing since bees react aggressively to such wear. The beekeeper’s hat should also be chosen wisely. Buy a hut that is firm and strong for maximum support to the veil. During hot months be sure to use ventilated veils. Dark felt hats are not ideal. When it comes to the beekeeper’s veil, choose folding wire veils since they keep the shape and offer sufficient space between the face and the bees. The gloves should be strong, pliable, and allows free movement of your fingers. You should also choose a pair of boots that cover your ankles well. Go for elastic sided boots since they work best.

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