Fish farming business opportunity demands special knowledge, skills, and day-to-day careful monitoring. Commercial fish farming has proven to be an economically successful business venture around the globe. Fish is healthy, protein-rich and tasty food with low cholesterol and calories. Here is a List of Top 10 Profitable Fish Farming Business Ideas & Opportunities
1. Tilapia Fish Farming
Tilapia has become the third most important and popular fish after carp and salmon. High protein content, large size, rapid growth (6 to 7 months to grow to harvest size) and palatability; are the major reasons that make tilapia fish farming highly profitable and popular.
2. Shrimp Farming
Commercial shrimp farming has been developed for more than a century in Southeast Asia. Extensive shrimp farming operation is considered the simplest culture approach. Market demand is very high and can be initiated small-scale basis.
3. Ornamental Fish Farming
Ornamental fishes are colorful, fancy and generally known as aquarium fish. According to industry experts, the ornamental fish trading industry with a turnover of US $ 6 Billion and an annual growth rate of 8 percent offers a lot of scope for development.
4. Cat Fish Farming
Commercial catfish farming is very profitable. Aquaculture farmers can initiate catfish farming alone or combined with other species. Catfish farming can be initiated with comparatively low cost and on a small-scale basis.
5. Crab Farming
Intensive commercial crab farming can be performed in smaller areas and at greater densities, minimizing land and labor, but the environmental impacts of these techniques can be significant. The mud crab (Scylla Serrata) is a promising aquaculture species due to its fast growth and good market acceptability and price.
6. Prawn Farming
The worldwide demand for prawn is increasing highly. A freshwater prawn farm is very similar to a freshwater fish farm. With the help of modern improved technology, one can start prawn farming to meet local and export demand both.
7. Fish Hatchery
A fish hatchery is an artificial place for breeding, hatching, and rearing through the early life stages of animals, finfish, and shellfish. Selection of right species is important in starting fish hatchery business. Some species that are commonly raised in hatcheries include Pacific oysters, shrimp, Indian prawns, Carp fishes, salmon, tilapia, and scallops.
8. Carp Fish Farming
Carp are omnivorous, with a high tendency towards the consumption of animal food, such as water insects, larvae of insects, worms, molluscs, and zooplankton. These food habits play a major role in the profitability of carp farming.
9. Salmon Fish Farming
Salmon farming is the commercial production of salmon from egg to market in a net-cage, pond or contained system. Salmon are carnivores. On average it takes two to five kilograms of wild fish (used in feed) to produce one kilogram of farmed salmon.
10. Indoor Fish Farming
An entrepreneur can initiate indoor fish related farming from the home location with moderate capital investment. You can also integrate an aquaponic system to grow plants with your indoor fish containers and raise fish, vegetable, and herbs at the same time.
In starting a profitable fish farming business you will need to have substantial financial resources with land and good quality water bodies. You will need to be enough knowledge about the process of this business. You will need to procure the necessary equipment and machinery for the business also.
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