Chicken eggs is the popular source of protein and become a more healthier and delicious to eat than the red meat which contains high in cholesterol. Due to having its high value, it is mostly used during the festive periods and also in the special occasions. The process of production of chicken is known as poultry farming.

Due to the increasing demand of chickens and eggs and also quest for self employment, many people are interested in turning their career to the poultry farming with mixed results. Some have succeeded while due to the poor planning, others become failed. They become failed due to their failure to the plan. If you have this planning or you are already into a project of poultry farming and you wish to make it large, then there are following factors you need to consider:
Three Factors can make Poultry Farming a Profitable Business
There remains a lot of factors that makes your poultry farming business a profitable project but I will be highlighting only three major factors:
• Food is one of the most basic needs of human being. Regardless of the economic situation, human beings must feed and also since domestic birds are consumable and that makes poultry farming project feasible.
• The country Ghana for instance has an an increasing polulation. It should be bear in mind that a large population means a huge demand of foods such as eggs and meats.
• With the increasing of awareness on the health implications of red meat, there also increasing the demand of white meat and birds are also a source of white meat.
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