Every farmer wants the best from an agribusiness . Due to this, there is the need to carefully plan , make and implement good decisions. Farmers need to answer all the below questions while making decisions for choosing a crop to produce. During this decision making process, farmers cross check the suitability of proposed crop/cropping systems with their existing resources and other conditions. Thereby, they justify choosing or rejecting a crop/cropping systems. This process enables the farmers to undertake a SWOT analysis internally which in turn guides them to take an appropriate decision. Let us discuss the following conditions.

1. Expected profit and risk
• How much profit are you expecting from the proposed crop?
• Whether this profit is better than the existing crop?
• What are the risks you are anticipating in the proposed crop?
• Do you have the solution?
• Can you manage the risks?
• Is it worth to take the risks for anticipated profits?

2. Economic conditions of farmers including land holding
• Are the proposed crop/cropping systems suitable for your size of land holding?
• Are your financial resources adequate to manage the proposed crop/cropping system?
• If not, can you mobilize financial resources through alternative routes?

3. Labour availability and mechanization potential
• Can you manage the proposed crop/cropping system through your family labour?
• If not, do you have adequate labours to manage the same?
• Is family/hired labour equipped to handle the proposed crop/cropping system?
• Are there any mechanization options to substitute the labour?
• Is machinery available? Affordable? Cost effective?
• Is family/hired labour equipped to handle the machinery?

4. Technology availability and suitability
• Is the proposed crop/cropping system suitable?
• Do you have technologies for the proposed crop/cropping system?
• Do you have extension access to get the technologies?
• Are technologies economically feasible and technically viable?
• Are technologies complex or user-friendly?

5. Market demand and availability of market infrastructure
• Are the crops proposed in market demand?
• Do you have market infrastructure to sell your produce?
• Do you have organized marketing system to reduce the intermediaries?
• Do you have answers for questions such as where to sell? When to sell? Whom to sell to? What form to sell in? What price to sell for?
• Do you get real time market information and market intelligence on proposed crops?

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