Land has been in high demand due to the growing population recently . Locals and expatriates alike aspire to stake a share in Ghana’s lands in order to serve either as a foundation for a home or for other commercial purposes. It can be a good investment if it’s done the right way. Buyers need to be cautious to make the whole transaction smooth. Let us consider the following tips.

• Purchase high quality land for the best value.
• Natural beauty is universally attractive. The presence of trees, hills, picturesque views, and water access, often yield higher value over time.
• Be prepared to make a decision. Being a successful land buyer means being prepared to act. If you find the land perfect for your needs, don’t wait. Buy it quickly if you have the means.
• Take advantage of developer discounts. Some developers offer discounts for purchasing more than 1 acre / plot at a time.
• Buy land with modern infrastructure. Modern conveniences add value to the land and increase your everyday enjoyment and comfort.
• Amenities enhance quality of life and increase resale value. Access to electricity , good road , water and so on add an extra appeal to the land.

Contact Greenroot limited for your agribusiness ideas and solutions . Buy affordable lands at Aburi Amanfo , Asutware Junction and kwaomoso for crops and livestock farming and real estate purposes . Choose any crop or livestock investment options and make over 100% returns on your investment. We give you free site plan and indenture. Grab this opportunity now!

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Akonvare · 22 January 2020 at 15:22

Is a nice deal but for how long thus the contract stay with the payment

    Linda Sakyi · 11 August 2020 at 19:24

    Kindly call or whatsapp us on 0577269299 for details.

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