Land in Ghana has seen increasingly high levels of demand due to the growing population. Locals and expatriates alike aspire to stake a share in Ghana’s lands in order to serve either as a foundation for a home or for other commercial purposes.

There are difficulties associated with the land purchase in Ghana. Here are some tips on the best practices to adopt before purchasing the land.
1. Do due diligence

Before buying a piece of land, you have to make enquiries and checks. According to the Lands Commission, there is no standard procedure in acquiring land in Ghana. This raises the risk of buying a disputed piece of land, and if this happens, the best case scenario is to take the matter up in court, which could drag on for years. The onus is therefore on you to check for any fraudulent behaviour from the seller. A case in point is a seller who demands payment for a cadastral plan, which should not be the case.

1. Search process

After doing a background checks on the seller, you also need to check with the Lands Commission to verify whether the land actually belongs to that individual or group. This process usually takes a minimum of two weeks and, considering the length of time it can take for a court process; this one is worth the wait.

2. Obtain a cadastral plan

You need to establish the area you want to acquire the land from, find a set location and have the seller provide you with a cadastral or site plan prepared by a licensed surveyor which shows the precise location and coordinates of the land. This site plan helps prevent ownership disputes with land guards as the Lands Commission keeps copies in their office.

3. Hire an independent surveyor

The cadastral plan is a strong indicator of land availability but not a guarantee. Hiring an independent surveyor to cross-check the land against the site plan is a move in the right direction as it reduces the risk of disputes.

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