Have you ever thought of going into onion farming? This is the brief guideline to start your onion farm easily and all the thing you have to know before and after setting up a farm to grow onions. Onion farming is troublesome, but you can make it easier.

Onions are playing a vital role in a great number of recipes. They are one of the most used herbs.  Farming onions is a great choice for the farmer around the worlds. But they have a reputation for being hard to grow.

Adopting this guide will help  you begin the onion farming effectively  and efficiently . Let’s Start!!

How to Start Onion Farming?

Onion is very sensitive crop as like many other sensitive crops. Before planning for onion farming you should consider the following factors which will be beneficial for greater production. Let us  describe the onion growing procedure step by step.

Here is a short overview of whole cultivation method:

There are several things you should consider before start onion farming. i.e. The Climate/weather and temperature, soil condition, choosing a place of onion cultivation.

After stabilizing the perfect setup you have to plant onion in the field. With fertilizers depending on your soil and crop demands. Organic fertilizer is a great choice here.

The next step will be caring. Cultivating vegetables and herbs is easy as well as demanding. But a good care can ensure better production which requires better knowledge about the crop demands.

Fertilizing the plant and control pests disease is sometimes a challenge for onions cultivator. So be careful in this stages.

Finally, Harvesting it from the field and storing them in an appropriate way.

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