There exist a wide range of variations of onion, depending on their shape, size, and colour.

Generally, red, yellow and white are the three groups of onion widely cultivated across the world.

There are three methods of planting onion you may apply transplants, sets, or seeds.

Planting Onion sets [onion bulb] into bed:

A less popular alternative to direct seeding is planting sets. Sets are a little onion bulb that is planted rather than seed to produce a mature bulb. Sets are immature bulbs turn the earlier year and offer the most farmers choices.

They are the simplest to plant, the shortest time to harvest, and the limited complication of the disease. However, they are more prone to bolting than seedlings or transplants.

Planting Onion SETS in to field:

  1. Seedlings have different diameters, so sort seedlings by size before planting.
  2. Plant the bigger seedlings set together only 2 inches apart and the small at close spacing.
  • Transplants:

Transplants, which are seedlings begun in the current maturing season and sold in groups, are available in nurseries or other marketplaces.

They usually frame good quality bulbs within a short period of time (60 days or less). They are subject to diseases.

  • Grow onion from Seeds:

Farming onions from seeds allow a great benefit of a wide choice in cultivars. The main difficulty of starting from seeds is, it will take up to 4 months to mature your crop. In cold areas, the farmer will need to begin their onion seedlings in indoors.

Seed Sowing method in Indoor:

Remarkably tiny seed such as pelleted grain requires being sown inside.

  • Use 4- x 6-inch containers and filled with a seed starting mix mostly compost [60-80%] near to the top.
  • For sowing seeds, place the seeds straight on the soil surface
  • Moreover, light aids in the germination so do not cover with soil.
  • The seed starting mix moist need to keep a warm and moist place.


Seed Sowing method in outdoor:

Larger medium seed/ grains require being sown on the outside.

  • Sow the seed in two rows, about a 1/4- to 1/2-inch deep.
  • Water them properly, put shade if necessary.

Transplants of seedlings

  • Seed must be planted in the row,4 to 6 inches apart.
  • 1 to 2 feet distance should maintain between any two.
  • After, cut the tips to approximately 4 inches and put them about 1/2 inch below the surface.


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