Water used in the production process shall be from a source that does not contain residues or contamination of hazardous substances and pesticides to crops. Chemical –free water should be suitable for agricultural purpose.  Water sample should be collected and sent to an accredited laboratory for contamination analysis at an early stage of setting up the agricultural system and during a period that the environmental condition is risky for production of the crops.


 The planting area should not contain any residue or contamination of hazardous substances and pesticides. In case the planting area is located near or in the vicinity of industry, or in any risky area, the soil quality should be tested at least once at an early stage of setting up the agricultural system. Soil samples should be collected and sent to an accredited laboratory.  There is the need to have knowledge about the farm lands , name of the owner , contact address, location, species, history of land use at least in the past 2 years, and other relevant details.

Land used for planting should be subject to the provision of relevant laws and regulations.  In case of new planting area, the land should not cause any negative impact to the environment. If there is any risk of impact, preventive measures and corrective actions should be conducted to minimize further damage. .


This practice is prohibited since it would lead to the loss of soil nutrients. The unwanted plants or weeds should be left for natural degradation or ploughed under the soil surface during soil preparation as these could help improve soil physical property by softening the soil structure. Appropriate pest control should be carried out in accordance with the relevant official recommendations. Plant protection measures should also be effective for pest control and based on pest survey and monitoring. In addition, appropriate Integrated Pest Management shall be carried out in order to minimize the use of pesticides. Farmers  should acquire knowledge on the species and life cycles of important pests that cause damages to the produce as well as control methods.


Use organic fertilizers from complete decomposition or other processes in order to increase the amount of organic matter in soil and reduce the amount of plant pathogenic microorganisms.


The use of pesticides shall be complied with the recommendations of the Department of Agriculture, or the recommendations on the labels registered with the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Besides, the pesticide application corresponding to the detected pest should be carried out.  Use only the pesticides that are legally registered with registration numbers and prescribed labels for crops. Do not use pesticides that are banned from production, import, export, or in possession according to the hazardous substance.

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