Backyard Farming is a movement where regular people who live in typical houses in typical neighbourhoods are turning part of their property into mini or micro farms.

Backyard farms are relatively small areas around homes that are used to grow food or rear animals for ourselves and the family. The practice has been going on for ages but this practice is declining in our regions for obvious reasons. We often presume food can always be obtained from the open market, so why waste time grow our own small backyard farm or garden or raise a livestock in the vacant space in the house , don’t have the time to work on a garden, and a number of other reasons.

However, we strongly recommend backyard gardens, for reasons that have quite been overlooked and more so for the reason of surviving the current climate change leading to food shortages. Backyard gardening is a must-do. Consider these.

1.  Source of fresh and organic food.

Who wouldn’t chose fresh and organic food?. Home gardens or farms  are very manageable and usually, in cases of insects and disease control, organic means could easily be applied. It is very important when you are very sure and have total control over the quality of food produced. You cannot be so sure of what is out there. Take advantage of that.

2. Gardening is a very good physical and mental exercise.

Gardening activities like soil preparation, planting, removal of weeds, watering, etc. engage most of your body muscles and are very good exercises. Gardening engages your mind too. It is said that , gardening 45 minutes early mornings each day before any other work, prepares you physically and mentally like 30 minutes of aerobics.

3. Supplements family budgets.

Many families’ (usually large) expenditure on food is greatly reduced. These are families that actively grow home gardens  or farms and they are able to cut down expenditure on food to about 40%. Adding to this, they are sure of the quality of the produce. This has been a major incentive for many to plant home gardens in many households. Some families only need to buy cooking oil and spices and the rest comes from their backyard gardens or farms.

As part of Greenroot ltd Farm Management services , we are  introducing the household boost to all persons who would want to utilize their vacant backyards to grow crops or rear livestock . We manage these farms for you to earn high returns which also becomes  a source of income  for you. Also Contact Greenroot ltd to purchase our litigation free and affordable lands at Aburi Amanfo , Asutware junction , kwaomoso  and Akuse .  Agriculture is wealth.

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