Agriculture in Ghana is one of the sectors that contributes to the economic development of the country . Farmers  have the opportunity to invest in the production of flowers in Ghana since horticulture is  not really a saturated industry and at an infant stage of development as compared  to Africa’s major flower producers.Ghana’s climate, topography, and other natural characteristics make it a favourable  location for the cultivation of many exotic breeds of flowers.

Species such as hibiscus , celocia , heliconia, caribea,  curcuma, gladioli and  have all performed well in Ghana under natural conditions, and there is potential for the expansion of areas under cultivation for these and other cultivars which have yet to be introduced. Most of Ghana’s current producers possess basic resources  which can be expanded with capital infusion and technology transfer. These resources  include large tracts of prime uncultivated land, basic technical know-how and experienced skilled and unskilled labours .

Ghana possesses a number of comparative advantages that makes it a favourable choice within the Sub-Saharan region for investors in the sector. Let us discuss these conditions .

  • Land: There is  vast  agricultural land available in the Nsawam area where most of the country’s floricultural production is located. The area is has  many small water bodies that can be used for irrigation.
  • Human resources:  There is a large human resource base of both skilled and unskilled labour  in the country. Ghana has  over 60% of the workforce  in the agricultural sector, which can be recruited in the floriculture business.
  • Inputs: When it comes to inputs such as seeds and fertilizers used in the cultivation of flowers, they are currently imported from suppliers in Southern Africa and the US. Ghana however looks forward to locally producing   these items to reduce or eliminate   the cost of importation.
  • Packaging: A lot of packaging industry in the country currently produce quality corrugated boxes and sanitary products for a variety of businesses. The  floral industry are supplied long lasting packages for  flowers for homes ,offices , events and exportation .
  •  Irrigation: – Drip and sprinkler types are the types of irrigation systems. These are imported from Europe. As a result of this, local flower growers have also ventured into the production of these irrigation systems.
  • Transportation: There are a number of cargo airlines providing freight services to non-traditional exporters. Ghana also has a comparative advantage in its proximity to the main EU markets, with flights to Amsterdam averaging only six hours compared to over 11 hours from other flower exporting countries.
  • Research: The country has research institutions that support agricultural projects and provide various services such as  soil tests, crop trials, pest and disease control, and  training sessions  for farmers. Also there are some universities in the country that   provide similar services at competitive rates.
  • Financing: Flower farmers are opportune to be assisted financially to either  start or expand their flower farming business to earn profit .The finance sector is one of the most developed in Africa. With numerous banks, insurance and brokerage firms and a stock exchange that allows companies to raise long term capital at low cost, the country’s finance sector is more poised than ever to support the nation’s economic development in coming years. The range of services available includes working capital finance, project finance, and letters of credit.

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