Agriculture is a way of life to rural residents, but it is a business to all its investors, including absentee owners. Large-scale farms clearly act like profit-maximizing businesses. Whiles smaller farms are lifestyles that provide owners with deductions to write off against their taxable earnings from off-farm sources, gaining wealth in the form of capital gains is a priority. All farmers are pursuing both lifestyle and business goals.

A business that builds wealth primarily from capital gains is an investment firm where the farm is a passive investment which does not interfere with the owner’s ability to work off-farm which virtually is a full-time employment. This indicates that farm owners are a talented group and are valued by the labor market, on average and therefore, the business savvy of farmers isn’t underestimated.

We at Greenroot Limited look at the future of farmers who are smart investors who partake in “moving to the suburbs” one step further to create an unimaginable wealth. With our investment packages on our land sales we give you the support and products in order to grow your farmlands and the business. A quote which says “Check your environment and be sure that it is supportive” is the Greenroot way of growing the investor and their investments.

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