Throughout the world, agriculture has signified what grand strides are possible when humans commit to protecting their own interests. Farming may be the primary economic activity of the sub-region, least lucrative and enterprising in its outlook, yet, it is no mean a force in its ability to support the majority of the population in employment and raw materials to nonagricultural sectors of the economy, business investment opportunities and quality of the environment. Social and political stability have been linked to the agricultural sector, given the potency with which it provides investible surplus in the form of savings and taxes to be invested in nonagricultural sectors.

Agriculture is the basic source of food supply of underdeveloped, developed and developing countries. Due to heavy pressure of population in underdeveloped and developing countries and its rapid increase, the demand for food is increasing at a fast rate.

Lessons drawn from the economic history of many advanced countries tell us that agricultural prosperity contributed in fostering economic advancement. it is observed that the leading industrialized countries of today were once predominantly agricultural while the developing countries still have the dominance of agriculture and it largely contributes to national income.

As a matter of fact, if the process of economic development is to be initiated and sustainable it must begin with the agricultural sector. Agriculture is essential to the economy of Ghana and figures have it that it employs about 50% of the working force. Although its share of GDP seems to be low, it is important to growth.

Increased agricultural output and productivity tend to contribute substantially to an overall economic development of the country. It is however rationale and appropriate to place greater emphasis on further development of the agriculture sector. Development lies in a combination of efforts from both the private and public sector with finance being the central drive as it serves as a backbone of most economies.

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