Grass cutter farming is highly profitable, more profitable than you imagined. The meat is widely consumed all over the West Africa region and beyond, making it one of the top 10 animals whose meat is in highest demand in the market. Grass cutter is one of the animals that are extremely suitable for commercial rearing. A good number of Grass cutter is consumed yearly but most of them still comes from the wild through hunters who goes into the bush to hunt for them but usually not easy to catch, making the animal meat very scarce in the market.
Grass cutter don’t like cold environment. The rooms or cages where you keep them must neither be too cold nor too hot. Environment that is suitable for human is considered suitable for Grass cutters. Hygiene and good feeding are the most important factors for successful, profitably Grass cutter farming. You can also fatten the male with broiler’s finisher or broiler starter’s feed to help attain market weight within short period of time. The root and pitch of oil and coconut palms, bark of the anacardium and fruits such as half ripen pawpaw, plantain, pineapple, mango etc are their delight. Food crops such as groundnut, rice, maize, grain legume, tubers like cassava, sweet potato etc also make part of their food.
Grass cutter is an herbivorous animals meaning their source of food is basically from the bush, that’s why they are more comfortable in the bush where their foods could easily be found. Their major food is Elephant or Napier grass. They also love Sugar cane and most farmers use sugar cane mainly for their feeding, Guinea grass, Gamba grass, Congo grass.
The market is very big. Grass cutter meat or Bush meat is probably the most desirable animal meat in the market. Everyone loves it and it sells very fast. Big restaurants use it to prepare high priced delicacies.
Most people in the city couldn’t buy the meat because it’s very scarce, so no amount of Grass cutter you produced that can’t be sold within days. It will take combined efforts of thousands of farmers to fill the need for bush meat in the market in Africa right now.
Grass cutter is a fast reproducing animal and starts mating with 7 months after birth. It gives birth twice yearly and produces 4-7 at a time. That means, if you have 100 females that gives birth twice in a year, you would be having 900 to 1,500 in your farm within just a year! Such number will bring you nothing less than N5 Million when they are matured for marketing.
To start up a grass cutter business, certain requirements must be met to enhance their welfare for smooth production. Housing, feeding and health management are key factors that any grass cutter farmer must give great attention to.

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