Today’s post will be on aquaponics systems .
A lesser known farming system in our part of the world.
To better understand what aquaponics systems are we need an understanding of hydroponics.
Hydroponic systems and aquaponics systems are different though in cost, techniques and the implement used
Hydroponics deals with growing plants mostly crops without soil. Yes. Without soil. The plants are grown in a liquid (mostly water), gravel or sand. The required nutrients are supplied by means of a mineral solution specially tailored to meet specific needs of the plant that is being grown .
Aquaponics systems however are an interesting blend of hydroponics and aquaculture systems.
Plants and fish depend on each other in a mini ecosystem where water – filled with secretions from the aquatic life toxic to the aquatic life – is used in a cycle.
herbs, and even flowering plants. However, the question that might come to mind is: What are the best plants to grow in aquaponics?

Now before we start, there are essential things that you should know and keep in mind in choosing the best plants to grow in your aquaponics system.

Almost everyone has at least some understanding of how vegetable gardening works. In a traditional method of gardening, you plant your seeds, water and add fertilizer occasionally, remove weeds or insects, and wait to see whether your plant will flourish or not.

Aquaponics works differently from this method because an aquaponics system works by creating a nitrogen cycle. In this cycle, the three main elements, the fish, plants, and bacteria, shared the water. In the fish tank, fish produced high ammonia wastes. The pump carries this wastes into the grow bed, where the bacteria convert these wastes into nitrites and then into nitrates.

These nitrates become food for the plants to grow, and in return, the plant roots clean the water in the grow beds before it returns to the fish tank for the fish to live. These are a continuous cycle where the bacteria convert fish wastes into plant’s food, and plants clean the water for the fish.

Things to consider in choosing the best plants for your aquaponics system.
Almost all plants can be grown in an aquaponic system. However, different plants have different needs and thrive under different conditions. Before you start choosing which plants to grow in your aquaponics system, it is important to consider certain factors. We will be discussing the factors in our next post .

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