Mangoes are becoming more and more important in the Ghanaian agricultural space and can become a very important commodity in the coming years for the nation.
The two main varieties grown commercially in Ghana are the Kent and Keitt varieties, which are very vigorous growers and produce large fruit.
Despite having the perfect climatic conditions for mango cultivation, Ghana has not reached its full potential in the production of the fruit.
There is very little support for this commodity that stands to benefit the nation and the farmers. There is very little in the way of support but the rewards one stands to gain are endless
Mangoes are therefore quite a good place to invest your money if you have a high risk tolerance. There’s a lot of uncertainty over it’s future but promises a lot .
Mango trees (Mangifera indica) are plants with deep roots that may become large specimens in the landscape. They are always green perennial producers, generally produced off rootstocks that increase the strength of the plants. Mango trees begin fruit production in three years and form fruit quickly.
The variety you choose to grow is affected by the climate in which you decide to grow it.

In the odd chance that you just want to grow a mango tree in your backyard here are a few tips to take note of:
Best soils for growing mangoes
Mango trees will do best in places with sandy, loamy or sandy loams. The soil should be deep enough and have excellent drainage for the mangoes to do well.

Planting Your Mango Trees
Mango trees can be planted throughout the year. The best time to plant mangoes is usually when there are some light rains and the soils are moist but no too wet. Dig a deep hole and mix the soil with organic manure. It is recommended that you have one part manure to four parts soil for mango planting. One of the best sources of organic manure for your mango trees is rotten cow manure.

Once you have planted the grafted mango sapling, you should form a small mound around it so as to ensure proper drainage .The mango sapling should be watered well and mulch should be applied at its foot to preserve moisture.
Mango trees will generally grow to very large size so it is important that you think about your desired mango size.

Watering Your Mango Trees
Your grafted mango trees will need regular watering when they are still young. This is particularly necessary if you plant them during the dry season. In the first week or so, water them at least twice or thrice a week. As they get more established, you can regularly reduce the frequency of the watering.

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