The answer to this question is pretty simple!

“It is a poor man’s job.”

“Only people in the villages farm.”

These answers are the reason why so many of us miss out on chances to earn a decent living. So many of us look down our noses on professions such as Farming, Cleaning, Waste management and so on when in other countries these goods are seriously lucrative and rake in tons of cash every year.

There are a lot of benefits that come from farming if only we are willing to put ego and status aside to see them.

The Upside of Farming

Farming in its self is a sustainable business, one that can last several years with no end in sight. Now, imagine having a business that gives you huge returns constantly, all year round for over decades.

Sounds amazing, right?

Most of you might say that there are high risks to farming which is true but there are risks in every business venture that you might want to try, the difference one is self-sustaining while the others need more capital fuel and can easily be of no use to the world at some point.

The world constantly relies on the produce made from farms otherwise we will starve and become extinct.

Changing the Narrative.

It is time for a new narrative. One that makes us see the huge benefits of farming, one that teaches more up-coming professionals that there’s nothing wrong with being a farmer or owning a farm. My parents are farmers and my grand-parents before them where farmers too, I grew up tilling soil and planting corn and it taught me a lot about agricultural, that it can be a family business as well as instill discipline and hard work in all of us.

If some of the world’s wealthiest men are farmers, what it stopping you?

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