Agriculture has become one of the sectors that provide wealth . We are fed through the activities farmers perform on the farms. Burning the farmland for cultivation of crops has a negative effect on the soil fertility. A fertile soil enables crops  to grow well in order to provide food and income. It is an undeniable fact that some farmers have no idea about the damage they cause to the soil when they set farm lands on fire . Lets consider some of these effects bush burning has on  farmlands.

The impact that bush burning has on soil depends largely on the intensity of the fire and how long it burns.  Bush burning can cause the soil to lose its ability to absorb and retain water. After a fire, the top layer of soil may become water repellent. This causes rain to drain off the soil without absorbing into the ground. Additionally, the loss of shade that the bushes once provided means soil moisture is more likely to evaporate.

Erosion is also a major concern after a fire. The loss of root systems  can allow much of the soil to wash away. Shallow-rooted plants are affected by unstable soil, as they depend on vegetation such as bushes to hold the soil in place.Soil water is lost and this therefore affects the favourable temperature of the soil for plant growth.

Microbes present in the soil, if not killed by the burning, may not survive in the warmer soil. Many plants depend on soil microbes and, although they may grow, will not thrive if microbes are absent from the soil.

Long-term bush burning causes the soil to loose nutrients such as nitrogen. Micro nutrients aids in the growth of crops . The combustion process of bush burning also increases soil’s pH. This is problematic in ecosystems that rely on low pH values, and the vegetation may have a hard time establishing itself again.

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