Most people have inherited or purchased plots of lands but are not ready to put up that mansion they always dreamt of or go into farming due to certain situations and for that matter leave the land bare .Why would you leave a piece of land bare when you there are thousands of investment opportunities and  potential ways that land can be put to good use?

You might be surprised what can be done with a simple plot of dirt that would have otherwise been overlooked by the masses. Apart from using a vacant land for the normal ; growing crops , rearing livestock and building an estate , school or church/ mosque , you could do these to fetch you some cash.


The vast majority of land buyers tend to look at land for what they can do on it, but they often fail to look at the abundant natural resources that can be harvested from their property. One such example is timber .In some cases, it’s quite possible to buy a property with trees that are worth far more than the property(land) itself. You could sell the timber raw or process them rather than burning them.


One of the best places to get great photographs is in the outdoors. Lighting is an extremely important component of great photographs, and when the lighting is just right outside, it’s hard to beat the kind of quality it can produce. Most photographers are always on the lookout for good locations to shoot in the outdoors. If you have a piece of land with good scenery, or other features that give it an interesting landscape , then consider leasing it out or using it yourself for the purpose of an outdoor photography studio.


If you have a bare piece of land that is more than a few acres in size and relatively flat, it could be a great way to bring friends together for outdoor sporting activities , festivals , concerts and other interesting socialization events. You can develop the property to fit the exact dimensions and standard of a football or sport pitch, community parks and event centres of which you give out for these places at a fee.


Farmers and importers at times need a places to store their farm produce ,goods or some other heavy equipment. Alternatively, perhaps you know of a local farmer of animals who needs a place to house their cows, goats, sheep, chickens or other animals? The beauty of a simple warehouse or storage is that it can be used for all sorts of things .And if you are in an area with people who have either equipment or animals that need a place to store their goods , equipment or materials, building a simple storage house could go a long way to earning some income.



Depending on where your land is located and what kind of demand there is for water in the area, you could be in a prime location to drill a well. Some areas are extremely impoverished and/or are lacking a convenient water supply. Some people lack water and for that matter, you could use part of your vacant land to drill a well to have access to water to farmlands ,  livestock and households. Drilling a well on your land could be a great way to use property for your benefit when you decide to use part of the land for farming or building and of those in the area.



If you like the idea of earning income from a hotel, but you don’t want to spend millions to build one, another potential option could be a campground. Churches , schools and other organizations go on camp meetings for weeks or months and you could set up a campground(guest house) to accommodate these guests.

Greenroot ltd is here to support you utilize you bare lands to make earnings as you buy our lands at Aburi Amanfo at Asutware junction and kwaomoso . These lands which are suitable for farming and real estates have access to tarred roads, electricity and a scenery environment.


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