Do you know that Agricultural businesses are the most lucrative businesses in the world? Apart from the low-cost of start up and running the business, agricultural businesses turn out a huge profit of up to 100%. With the increase in unemployment, young people are now embracing agriculture which was erstwhile considered a dirty business reserved only for the poor.
Agricultural businesses can be started with little or no training. You do not need a special degree to start though you may need to spend some time learning about the intricacies of the business. So without wasting your time, this article will highlight in details, some lucrative business ideas and opportunities you can engage in in towns or villages rather than remaining unemployed.

• Grass cutter Farming
Grass cutter is the second largest rodent and it is endemic to Africa. It breeds successfully in captivity and is capable of reproducing twice a year with litter size varying from two to six. They are primarily vegetarian and can be raised to maturity entirely on fresh grasses. They prefer plants with high moisture content and soluble carbohydrate. Field studies reveal that they do not burrow so they may be caged or reared in a fenced pen on the ground.
Grass cutter is worth considering for use in husbandry in the humid forest where poor grazing and harsh environment limits the performance of conventional livestock. Ranching of grass cutter as a backyard mini livestock would therefore improve the lot of the peasant farmers, provide an alternative source of animal protein, create job opportunities for urban dwellers.

• Buy Charcoal from the rural areas and resell in the cities
Do you know that you can make 100% profit if you buy your charcoal from the farm or production site and sell to the retailers. All you need to do is to buy the charcoal from the farmers and bring it down to the major cities and resell to the retailers.

• Snail Farming
Snail meat has been severally affirmed as a most safe and nutritious delicacy. In these days of increased coronary implications and other health implications, snail producers are certain to hit it big because many people are shunning away from beef or red meat. It is also pleasing to note that snail production venture could be kick-started with a little initial capital.
The best period to commence snail farming is the rainy season, you can start about 50 to 60 snails to have a good knowledge of how snail breeding works. It is better to buy the big ones so that you can expect them to hatch after about 35 days on location.

• Coconut Juice Production
From fresh chunks of meat to milk, creams, and powders, the flavor of coconut is a distinctive addition to hundreds of sweet and savory recipes. If properly packaged roasted and sliced to pieces with sugar, you can sell on the quantity and the level of packaging.
You can make good money selling in wholesale to retail outlets and supermarket, but make sure your product is well branded, with your company’s name and contact. With a good marketing plan, you are sure to make a lot of money with this business.
• Production of Weed Killer
Another major problem confronting every farmer in Africa, especially is the problem of getting rid all the unwanted crops (weeds) from the farm, which successfully compete with crops and exhaust the soil nutrients. The cost of weeding takes between 50 –60% of the total cost of farming but the good new here is that, there is a formulation of chemicals which is crop and environment friendly.
For more information on agribusiness opportunities contact Greenroot ltd .We have affordable lands that Aburi Amanfo , Asutware Junction and Kwaomoso that are suitable for estate (building ) , livestock and crop production . There is access to water, electricity and tarred road. We give you free site plan and indenture


Amos Asare · 9 December 2019 at 08:50

Great job by all standards. This indeed deserves a resounding support by all and sundry, including all the stakeholders and state apparatus and other private individuals and entities that matter in the agricultural framework of this dear nation. Long live, Greenroot, long live Agriculture, long live Ghana. Amen

    Linda Sakyi · 11 August 2020 at 20:09

    We are motivated knowing you like what we do at Greenroot Limited. We are grateful.

Albert Zilka · 7 October 2020 at 14:13

It is easy to see how the question of how long to keep dog off grass after weed killer can be a tricky one. It depends upon many variables including the dog’s health, diet, age and your own tolerance for herbicide.

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