There have been plans to revive the rabbit industry in Ghana which is why Rabbit Ghana Association co-founders, Julius and Moses have been at the forefront of educating farmers on this lucrative venture in the country. The two aim at promoting the industry into something that people would do as a hobby and economic activity at the same time thus meeting the need for meat and protein by participating in the industry.
According to active rabbit breeders in Ghana there is a lot that the industry can contribute. This is an opportunity for new farmers to come on-board as more people are considering rabbit consumption in Ghana unlike before. They are considering it a better option for their daily source of protein. Stakeholders have been at the forefront of educating the public on the benefits of consuming rabbit meat at a great source of white meat which has seen a significant number of people consider it as an alternative to other meats. This translates to great market opportunities for practicing farmers and as such guaranteed success and profitability.
Price of rabbit in Ghana – Potential profit
Before venturing into any business it is important to understand what you are likely to make out of it. In Ghana the average price of a rabbit is about 20 Ghana cedis which is approximately 6 dollars. For a farmer doing intensive rabbit farming where he can sell up to one hundred rabbits at a go, profits are high. Usually the farmer makes a profit of about GH3 cedis on each sold rabbit which in turn translates to a profit of GH975 per month when breeding only 100 rabbits. There is a chance of making even more money with more rabbit breeding.
Rabbit rearing manual – Get the most important part right
A good farmer understands the practice they choose. Rabbit rearing is one of the simplest forms of farming especially when one adheres to the rules. Fortunately you can always check for a rabbit Ghana association to point you in the right direction. Requesting for a rearing manual is the first step to achieving success. The manual will come in handy as it guides you on what to do to achieve your goals regardless of whether you are keeping the rabbits for meat, fur or pelts. The manual gives you direction on the breed selection, management practices, challenges to expect as well as marketing details which could include potential market opportunities and prices. The step by step guide is the key to all successful rabbit rearing.
Source: Yen.com.gh
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