Just like every other agribusiness venture that fails when the right things are not done, poultry farming business will also fail if some steps are not taken or if some mistakes are made.
Some of the mistakes made during poultry farming could lead to a disaster such as loss of all or almost all your birds.
These could lead to a significant loss to the farmer. If you ask any poultry farmer, they will probably give you a list of things they would have done differently in their poultry farming business.
Every poultry farmer has made mistakes at one point or another, some of them affect your poultry birds a little, but others can lead to your birds getting seriously injured, or even killed.
However, every poultry farming mistake or mismanagement should be avoided completely to ensure maximum profit from your birds .Let us discuss some of these mistakes ;

• Sick birds
It is very important to observe your birds every day so that in case you have a sick or injured bird you will notice it in time to remove it for treatment.
Becoming accustomed to your bird’s normal behavior, and observing them daily is a good idea.
Your birds all should be active and have nice bright eyes, healthy red or pink combs, and their feathers should be clean, glossy and well preened.
• Symptoms of sick birds include:
i. Moving slowly, and not interested in eating food
ii. Not eating or drinking on the roost or floor during the day with closed eyes
iii. Head pulled tightly in
iv. Droopy wings and tail
v. Heavy or strained breathing
vi. Decreased egg production
vii. Straining
viii .Acting lethargic
ix .Ruffled feathers (Keep in mind that hens will sometimes ruffle their feathers when cold)
x. Pale or purple comb, and wattles
xi. Cloudy, leaky, swollen, or watery eyes
xii. Sneezing, wheezing, or coughing
xiii. Swollen legs or feet
When you have a sick or injured bird, it is best to separate it as soon as possible. Inspect the sick bird’s weight, vent, face, mouth, and nostrils and look for blood, scabs, and other signs of injury. Also, check for mites and lice, and expect the bird’s legs for scaly leg mites. Treat the bird, watch for some time before sending it back to the flock.
• Overcrowding birds
Overcrowding can lead to stress, cannibalism, feather pecking, and other issues.
The floor space requirement of broilers varies depending on their body weight at the time of marketing, housing systems, marketing age and ambient (room) temperature.
A broiler chicken of 18 days old needs a space of 450 sq.cm while from 19-42 days old will require 1000sq.cm. Multiply it by the number of birds you intend to stock.
Remember this is an approximation, it is best to know what is best for your birds.
Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘poultry house is too big’. You may plan on getting 50 chickens at first, but you may want to expand your business in the future, so instead of rebuilding a new poultry house when your flock expands, it’s a good idea to build a bigger one from the start.
• Not being financially prepared
Most new farmers always make a mistake of starting poultry farming without having a cost analysis report and doing feasibility studies.
You have to keep the resources on ground to fund your farming venture from start to finish. This will help you from having an abandoned project.
To be successful in poultry farming business you have enough money in order to purchase feeds, drugs and so many other things that may arise in the course of the poultry rearing.

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