There is nothing as exciting as starting a new project or working on a project that you deeply care about, whether that is painting, writing, building or even farming. If you are reading this post, we are guessing it’s farming!
Starting a farm can be quite an investment and you want to make sure that you adequately care for it. For those who only have a backyard garden or consider their backyard farm a labour of love, knowing how to care for your farm will give you peace of mind, save you time and make farming much more rewarding.
These five top our list of ways to care for your farm.

1. Be Realistic About How Much Work You Can Get Done: We all know farming is hard work so it’s very important you know how much work you can get done. If your farm is sizable for example, then the first thing you need to do is find out how many hours it will take to manage it on a daily basis and plan accordingly. If you are not realistic about how much work you can get done, you may be shocked how quickly overwhelming farming can get. Yes, even for backyard farming.
Being upfront about this will give you an idea of what task to outsource or which you can manage yourself. Some task to be outsourced include:
 Weeding
 Watering your plants
 Wash feeding troughs
 Feeding your livestock
 Administering drugs
You may also realize that using all your backyard space may be too much for you to handle (assuming you want to avoid hiring cost) and instead decide to farm on only a small portion. This is how you avoid farm neglect and proactively care for your farm.

2. Have Your Veterinary Doctor/Plant Specialist on Speed Dial: this is so important. We understand that there is a lot of knowledge to be gained through textbooks, and you may be tempted to be your own farm doctor but it’s also important that you do not attempt to treat all farm diseases yourself especially if you are an inexperienced farmer or haven’t treated such diseases in the past.
By calling the attention of your veterinary doctor or a more experienced farmer, you may be able to prevent an outbreak on your farm.

3. Waste Management: depending on the dynamics, this may not be of concern. For example, if you were into poultry farming and also had a crop farm, you can use the poultry dung as manure for your crop farm. In the case where you only have a poultry farm, you need to have a plan, either to turn the poultry dung and litter into a compost manure and sell or dispose of it.
A proper waste management plan keeps your farm from unpleasant smell and makes for happy neighbours!

4. Keep Your Farm Tools Clean: this one deserved a special mention. As you may already know, rust is the number one enemy when it comes to tools, so you want to preserve your farm tools as much as you can.
You can clean your farm tools by wiping them with a rag or wash before wiping. Don’t forget to keep them in a dry place, away from children and entrances where people may trip over them.
You may also be able to purchase anti-rust spray from your local market.

5. Make it a Routine: Finally, make caring for your farm a routine. Your routine can be to
 Wash feeding troughs on Saturdays and Wednesdays
 Clean Pens on Saturdays
 Disinfect Pens bi-weekly
 Check plant health bi-weekly
 Weeding bi-weekly
 Veterinary doctor visit monthly
Also having a logbook where you log in your routines will go a long way in helping you stay sane.
Put these five tips to use and you will be able to take better care of your farms.

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