Farmers start growing their crops with the aim of having a bumper harvest , sell or process the crops quickly for profit . Unfortunately tomato farmers are sometimes hit with some challenges which affect their farming business massively. This goes a long way to not making them reach their goal.
Let us quickly discuss some of these challenges associated with tomato farming .

  1. Damages

One of the major challenges most farmers encounter is damage after harvest due to the perishable nature of tomatoes. Except when they are processed or refrigerated, raw tomato is highly perishable.
To control the risk of damage to your tomato, make arrangement for them to be sold right before they are harvested.

  1. Competition

Some tomato processing companies have already made a name for themselves in the market. As a new entrepreneur, you will face the challenge of competing with some of the already established brands. However with determination, enticing packaging, and high-quality product, you will prove a tough competition for the already establish products.

  1. Funds

Sourcing for funds to start tomato farming business could prove challenging, especially if you would want to go into large-scale tomato processing with all the necessary equipment.

If you follow the advice on getting a farmland, you can write a huge chunk of the expenses off your list because land is a major cost component of farming. There are a number of ways to source for fund, plus you can check out some available government grants and loans you could tap into.

A major factor of getting external funding for your tomato farming business is having a good business plan. Your business plan could attract investors and win you loans to start the business.

Because of the importance of having a good business plan to secure funding, most beginners spend all their time trying to create the perfect business plan. This is a mistake. As a beginner, you should spend the most of your time getting valuable experience in tomato farming.

A business plan is basically useless if you have no experience to carry out the plan. Besides, nobody would give you money solely on the grounds that you have an impressive business plan. They want to see your work in progress and convince themselves that you are a doer, not a talker.

So instead of poring over a business plan, try to start a small-scale tomato farm. This will give you valuable hands-on experience and priceless information about how tomato farming works.

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