Every farmer wants the best from an agribusiness . Due to this, there is the need to carefully plan , make and implement good decisions. Farmers need to answer all the below questions while making decisions for choosing a crop to produce. During this decision making process, farmers cross check the suitability of proposed crop/cropping systems with their existing resources and other conditions. Thereby, they justify choosing or rejecting a crop/cropping systems. This process enables the farmers to undertake a SWOT analysis internally which in turn guides them to take an appropriate decision. Let us discuss the following conditions.

1. Policies and schemes
• Do Government policies favour your crops?
• Is there any existing scheme which incentivises your crop?
• Are you eligible to avail those benefits?
2. Public and private extension influence
• Do you have access to Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA)/ Departmental extension functionaries to get advisory?
• Do you have access to Agricultural Universities ?
• Do you subscribe agricultural magazines?
• Do you read agricultural articles in newspapers?
• Do you get any support from input dealers, Agribusiness Companies, NGOs, Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centers?
3. Availability of required agricultural inputs including agricultural credit
• Do you get adequate agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and implements in time?
• Do you have access to institutional credit?
4. Post harvest storage and processing technologies
• Do you have your own storage facility?
• If not, do you have access to such facility?
• Do you have access to primary processing facility?
• Do you know technologies for value addition of your crop?
• Do you have market linkage for value added products?
• Are you aware about required quality standards of value added products of proposed crops?

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