Before you planting onion you should learn about the best soil condition and other relevant factors which affect onion farming.

Red loam and sandy loam are highly preferable for onion farming. No matter if you don’t have those types as a soil. Scientifically you can improve your soil by using organic materials. Though it is not recommended in most of the cases. In fact, we do not suggest to do so.

Onions are mostly grown in any soil but the soil should be loose, well-drained, and should have plenty of nitrogen.

Now, determine the soil condition measure the pH and other soil nutrients. The ideal range of soil pH for growing best onion is in between 5.5 and 6.5.

Requirements for the Onion cultivation:

The other factors which can affect the production along with soil are:-

  • You should consider the area of onion farming before you planted onion. Onions should be planted in a shiny place. Choosing a sunny area where your onion plants are won’t be shaded is beneficial for your plants.
  • The cultivation process of onion is more or less same for all types of onion. Though different varieties require the different type of soil and fertilization.
  • Read the instruction manual provided with seeds. Or contact nearest govt. agricultural help point.

Tools and equipment:

All of those tools are not required for every farmers or farm. The modern onion farming tools are:-

  1. Rollers,
  2. Bearings,
  3. Belted Chain Sprockets,
  4. Onion harvester,
  5. Weeding tools, etc

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